Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thinking outside the box (mix) Part III

It's time to elevate the concept of a box mix cake to new heights. You may recall, one of the first steps after the cakes have cooled is to remove their "crowns," using a long, serrated knife and possibly a cake lifter (or your hands)…
If you managed to resist eating the crowns, they're lying around someplace looking like this:
Take any cylindrical object (such as a coffee can, cookie cutter, or Whatever-ware container) and punch a hole in the middle…
 …and remove it. You may now proceed to endeavor to eat the scraps remaining on the plate, or throw together a "trifle for one" if you happen to have pudding or custard, fruit, jam, whipped cream, etc. on hand.
Shake the cake cutouts free, and stack them up with frosting. I wouldn't try to tort them first; some extra height could be gained, but they might just fall apart. 
Frost this little cake just as you did the main cake, and stack it on top (or just keep it for yourself). It doesn't weigh enough to require an internal support system; it's not going to sink into the bottom cake or cause the bottom cake to crack in half.
What it will do is provide you with that much more real estate to decorate, and will provide at least 4 extra servings (cut the top cake into pieces and remove it before starting on the bottom cake). You may recall, this 33rd Birthday cake was the end result of this particular project…
If you know of other ways to make box mix cakes more interesting, please share your ideas!

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