Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Birthday, Stephen!

We celebrated Stephen Kruger's birthday today. Here's the cake, which features the Roman numeral XXXIII's posted yesterday:
The nice thing about this cake is it really didn't have an obvious front or back side; everyone sitting around the table had royal icing numerals facing them (and there were plenty of extras I'd made in case of breakage, so we passed them around and dunked them in coffee). I'll write more about how I made this cake soon; how am I this tired before 11 on a Friday?!
Have a sweet weekend, folks!


  1. Amazing. That is an enviable birthday cake by any standard.

    Happy birthday, Stephen!
    -Julia (Past)

  2. You're adorable, Julia! And the most glamorous Ghost of Christmas Past, EVER! I'll make sure The Birthday Boy checks in ;)

  3. Like the Roman Numerals, but ALSO like the fondant ruffled skirt.... Very cool.

  4. Would you believe that's not fondant? It's icing piped from an Ateco #70 tip. This peculiar-looking tip definitely deserves its own post one of these days! Thank you for the lovely comment!