Sunday, October 21, 2012

Royal Icing Monster High Skullette Logo

My most-read post is still the Monster High cake from February! Is it any wonder; Monster High is the most freakishly fab phenomenon ever! For those who need some boning up on the subject, the official logo of Monster High is called a Skullette: 

I thought it would be fun to try piping Skullettes out of royal icing, which could then be used to decorate cupcakes, borders on larger cakes, etc. All you'll need are stiff consistency white royal icing, round tip #12, a glue stick, a flower nail, parchment paper squares, a Styrofoam block, a dusting pouch filled with a 50/50 mix of cornstarch and powdered sugar, and a black food-safe marker (like the AmeriColor Gourmet Writer). You'll also need some pre-made royal icing bows in hot pink, piped with an oval #57 tip. 
Start by sticking a parchment square to the flower nail with a dab from the glue stick. 
 Hold the #12 tip just above and at a right angle to the surface and pipe an oval.
 Underneath the oval pipe a slightly curved line…
 …and then pipe a dab about 1/3 the width of the line.
 Liberally dust a fingertip by tapping it to the dusting pouch, and then tap it on the icing to blend it together and fill in the hole in the oval. Allow the icing to dry until the surface is very hard.
 Using the above logo as a guide, draw in the face with the food-safe marker.
 Lastly, glue a bow to the right side of the skull at an angle with a dot of icing. Fangtastic!

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