Monday, October 29, 2012

Royal Icing Eyeballs Version 3

 I thought you'd like to see yet another way to pipe royal icing eyeballs (previous versions are here and here). Start by sticking a parchment square to a flower nail with a dab from a glue stick.
 Load a round #12 tip onto a bag containing stiff consistency white royal icing. Hold the tip at a 45 degree angle to and just above the surface and pipe a ball. Move the tip along while decreasing pressure. Stop pressure and pull the tip away.
 Touch a fingertip to a dusting pouch and tap the end smooth.
 Repeat the process for a second eye, making sure the two are touching.
If you are piping a lot of them, you may want to tape a piece of parchment paper to a cookie sheet instead of using a flower nail. 
 When the icing is completely hard, draw in some pupils with a food-safe marker like the AmeriColor Gourmet Writer. I think these would look really cool positioned on some sort of haunted house cake, peering out of a black window or through the bushes. They can also be used to add all sorts of personality to any small dessert like cupcakes.

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