Thursday, October 18, 2012

Royal Icing Spiderweb Cookie

Tonight's project is sweet and simple and can be done with store-bought cookies (I'm partial to gingersnaps). All you'll need is black stiff consistency royal icing (you could use any color, really; they'd look great in purple, orange or green) and a round #5 tip (or pick a smaller number if you want a thinner web). Start by piping a cross. Hold the tip at a 45 degree angle and just above the surface. Allow the icing to flow out and drop down onto the cookie as you go; don't pull or stretch the icing. 
 Repeat, for a total of 8 spokes.
 Start piping a spiral of drop strings from the middle. This actually looks pretty cool at the halfway point! You could stop here on some of your cookies, or make the center point off to one side so the web is asymmetrical.
 Continue piping drop strings until you run out of room. If you serve a plate of these, you might scatter a few royal icing spiders around to complete the scene.

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