Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Royal Icing Octopus

At the risk of being biologically inaccurate, today I piped a hot pink octopus. This little critter would be perfect on top of an ocean-themed cupcake. All you need to pipe octopi are round tips #10, #4 and #2, royal icing in white for the eyes and hot pink (or whatever color you like) for the body and legs, a dusting pouch filled with a 50/50 blend of cornstarch and powdered sugar, a flower nail, parchment squares, a Styrofoam block to rest the nail in, a glue stick, and a black Gourmet Writer by AmeriColor
 Stick a parchment square to the flower nail with a dab from the glue stick.
 Using the round #4 tip, hold the tip perpendicular to the surface and pipe a curlicue for a leg (this one is basically a backwards, upside down "?", sans dot).
 Repeat 7 times; make them all different!
 Allow the legs to firm up for about 10 minutes. Switch to the #10 tip and pipe a ball in the center for the body. If a peak forms when you pull the tip away, touch a fingertip to the dusting pouch and tap the peak down.
 Allow the body to dry for 10 minutes or so, then pipe two tiny #2 or #1 dots for eyes.
When the eyes are dry, add "pupils" to them with the Gourmet Writer. When the octopus is completely dry, peel away the parchment paper, and set him (her?) to swim on an ocean of blue icing. I'll try to pipe more aquatic friends for the octopus soon! 

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