Sunday, May 27, 2012

More Frill Border Tips

Yesterday's post got me thinking about frill border tips. One of the last times I'd used one was on the above cake, the 050 by Ateco (in face, all of these tips are by Ateco). 
It makes a small, tidy little ruffle. As with all frill border tips, the ruffle is formed by doing nothing more than squeezing the piping bag while moving the tip sideways along the surface of the cake (or in this case, the practice board). 
This is my favorite frill border tip, the 040. 
That little ">" shape at the base of the side cut forms the "hem" of the ruffle. 
Here's a view from below:
The 070 is a variation on the 040; it forms a straight ruffle without a "hem." 
Generally, the ruffle is formed by holding the cut toward the surface, the end of the tip almost touching the surface, and the rest of the tip angled slightly away from it.

This tightly ruffled example was formed by holding the cut toward the left while moving the tip sideways to the right. 
 This final example, the 090, would probably have a starring role, if I ever had a nightmare about tips. The thing actually reminds me of Jaws!
The border it pipes isn't all that scary, though…
 …but I have yet to actually use it on a cake.


  1. Hey I'm a new follower and I love the stuff I'm finding just browsing through your blog. You are so talented!

    1. Thank you for making my day, Brynn! I'll try to keep more fun stuff coming!

  2. I just came across your blog and i just keep returning to it because its soooo educative. I have learnt many things just going through your postings. I am particularly happy about your flowers(buttercream, Fondant, Royal icing) So much stuff to learn and all in one place. Thanks so much. Maybe one day you could also show us how to do sugar fruits. Thank you

    1. Thank you so much, Hadass! I'm glad you are enjoying the blog. Let me know if there's a particular flower or something you'd like to see that I haven't gotten to yet, OK? I love a challenge!