Thursday, May 24, 2012

Molded Sugar

I love discovering new ways to make adorable, sugary decorations with under five ingredients and tools! If you have a mold of any sort, you can use it to mold sugar. You'll also need an offset spatula and food coloring (I like AmeriColor Soft Gel Paste). 
 Start by adding a few drops of water to the sugar. Stir it until it resembles wet sand. If you can squeeze a small amount of it and it holds its shape, it's the right consistency (you can always add more water or sugar).
 Leave it white, or stir in a few drops of food color.
 Place some of the mixture into the mold…
 …and press it into place with your fingertips; make it as level as possible.
 You can press it down with the offset spatula to make sure it's perfectly flat.
 Store any leftover mixture in a tightly sealed plastic bag. Allow the molds to dry before removing. You could place a cookie sheet over the molds and invert them; these slid out easily when I pressed on them gently on one edge after about half an hour.
 They can be used in cake borders, to decorate cupcakes; anything!

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