Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chocolate Music Notes

I'm planning to do a music-themed dessert, and wanted to try my hand at making music notes (something completely different from the fondant music notes from a few months ago). I have some Guittard Melt N Mold pieces from all my recent cake pop projects, so I thought I'd try to pipe music notes with them. First, I found some clip art

…that I later made into this template by copying and pasting the ones I liked best (sorry, quarter notes):

 Feel free to print it out:
You'll need a cookie sheet, waxed paper, tape, and the printout. 
 Tape the printout to the cookie sheet, then tape a piece of waxed paper over it.
 I melted half a cup of the Guittard pieces in the microwave for :30 at a time. I originally thought I would use a round #4 tip to pipe the chocolate, but I ran into various problems with the chocolate drying too quickly (even faster than royal icing) and clogging the tip and getting caked on the sides of the coupler.
 So, I reloaded the chocolate in a new disposable bag, which I first cuffed and stood upright (with the help of a Pringles can, one of my favorite tricks in cake decorating).
 Once the bag was loaded, I snipped a very small amount off the tip (approximately the size of a #4 tip).
 I piped a few sharp symbols for practice…
 …and then got to work on the notes. I wish I could have taken more photos from this point on, but the chocolate was really threatening to harden and I thought I'd better work as fast as possible. I kept the bag at slightly less than a right angle to the surface, and tried to let the chocolate just pour out as I kept the bag moving. When I applied any pressure, the chocolate sort of squiggled out.
 The pieces are ready to slide off the waxed paper when they're no longer shiny; I think I gave these about 20 minutes before I slid an angled spatula underneath them to see if they would release easily. Store them in a cool place. They might not be smooth and perfect, but I don't think the folks eating them are going to be too critical.

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