Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Star Tip Flower Cupcakes

I recently saw some cupcakes in a bakery that were piped more or less like this. I thought they were especially cute, because the design is basically flowers piped with a star tip (with a round tip for the center); very easy! You could probably use almost any star tip; I used a Magic Tip #195:
 The cupcakes and icing are Pink Lemonade by Pillsbury; one of my favorites!
 Start by piping a dot in the middle to keep your petals centered.
 Pipe a shell-shaped petal, starting at the edge with the tail in the center.
 Repeat eight times. The center may get messy. No worries; it'll be covered up.
 Switch to a round tip, like the Ateco #806.
 Pipe a ball of icing in the center. Hold the tip perpendicular to the cake, squeeze, then stop the pressure and pull the tip away. If a peak remains, smooth it away with the tip.
 You could color-coordinate the colors to any holiday or event. You could also pipe a few leaves in between the petals.

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