Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Fondant House

You may recall, I recently made quite a few batches of delicious but weird-looking fondant in my quest for the perfect red fondant. Well, I thought of something fun to do with the brick-colored fondant: build a house. I recently found this totally old-school looking cookie cutter set at Sugar N’ Spice, a cake decorating supply store in Daly City that has EVERYTHING:

 I had to take a photo of the date; it just amazes me this is a new product and not some overstock that’s been sitting around since the ‘70s.
 The graphics on the packaging are priceless:
 After lightly greasing my counter with Crisco, I rolled some of the fondant out to a quarter-inch thick.
 I dusted my ruler with a 50/50 mix of powdered sugar and cornstarch…
 …and pressed it against the edges to make sure they were truly straight.
 I cut each piece out and laid them out to dry for a couple of days on a double-thickness of dusted parchment paper on a baking rack.

I filled a pastry bag fitted with a round #8 tip with thick-consistency royal icing. I started by piping a bead along the bottom edge of one of the end walls…

 …and then stuck it to a cake square. For an adjoining wall, I piped along the base and the end that would be touching the end wall…

 …and I repeated the process on the opposite wall.
 For the other end wall, I piped along the bottom and where the two side walls would touch.
 Then I pressed it into place and piped along the three edges that would support one of the roof pieces…
…which I then repeated on the other side.
 The little house is almost done, but it needs a chimney.
 I piped a squiggle on the base of the chimney piece (but not the top, as it sticks up higher than the roof line).
 And then I stuck the chimney in place. I'd say the next step is to decorate it, but I think it looks sort of perfect as is!

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