Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tiny Royal Icing Teacup

I've been trying to think of things I could pipe (other than flowers) that would make a good decoration for small cookies or petits fours. A tiny little teacup is the first thing that came to mind. While a flower nail isn't mandatory, I like using one whenever possible (as well as a Styrofoam block so I'll have someplace to set the nail down). Additionally, here's what you'll need…
…royal icing in any color in a piping bag fitted with a round tip #3, a parchment square for each teacup, a non-toxic glue stick. If you want to paint a gold edge, you'll want a small brush and a product like AmeriColor's Gold Sheen Airbrush Color (no need for an airbrush; you can paint it straight out of the container). Start by sticking a parchment paper square to the flower nail with a dab from the glue stick:
Pipe a coil of icing, about 3 times around the center point. Don't stop like I did here…
…continue piping the coil until the cup is as high as you'd like it. 
While it's drying, pipe a few handles that are the height of the cup; use the one you like best. Attach it to the cup with a dot of icing at each end of the handle. 
Using one of the smallest brushes you have, give the edge of the cup a gilt edge (and do any other decorating you'd like).
 For reference, here's the cup next to a dime. Imagine the size of the tea bag!

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