Thursday, November 22, 2012

Royal Icing Wishbone

I'm about to hit the road for Thanksgiving! Who knows when/if I'll be anywhere near a computer later (or passed out under the tree; oh wait, that's Christmas), so here's a quick little post: a royal icing wishbone. The wishbone is arguably the most popular part of the turkey, even thought it's ridiculously small, there's only one of them, and you have to let it dry out for weeks before actually snapping it. Talk about the antithesis of instant gratification! So, if you'd like to pipe a tiny, edible wishbone for every single one of your guests, get out that white royal icing, a round tip (I used a #5), and some parchment paper taped to a baking sheet. Pipe the wishbone directly onto the parchment and tap the ends flat with a fingertip you've touched to a dusting pouch. Allow them to dry all day, and by the time you're serving the pumpkin pie they should be dry and ready to snap. May all your Thanksgiving wishes come true, even if they involve getting one of each of all the new Monster High dolls at Walmart's Black Friday madness ;)
Happy Thanksgiving! 

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