Thursday, November 1, 2012

Highlights from The Eye Ball

As you may know, every year my family throws a Halloween party called The Eye Ball. This year it rained, so we weren't able to set up the dance floor in the front yard, BUT I think the party was better than ever because people really stepped up the eyeball-themed treats they brought to the party. This is a selection of highlights that especially caught my eye, in no particular order. Here are some darling little bite-size Pumpkin P'eyes, made by Val. The irises are made of mini Reese's peanut butter cups cut in half and topped with an M&M for the pupils.
Val also made this spectacular platter of deviled eggs. The blue ones are inspired by that thing that washed up in Florida
I always hope a few of these Rice Krispy Treats are left over; they're great with coffee for breakfast the day after! You might have seen them the other day. 
 I was really happy with the way this cookie pizza turned out. The flat royal icing eyeballs as "pepperoni" really sold it!
 We've been making these eyeball cupcakes since the first Eye Ball eight years ago. Yesterday I even received texts confirming they'd be there!
 Carrissa made a batch of eyeball cake pops; these were especially a hit with the kids who showed up.
 Lastly, I wanted to show you something adorable Randie made. One one side, it's nothing more than a striped shortbread cookie…
 …but on the other, it's an adorable spooky witch! The conical hat is a Hershey's kiss, held on by some icing (along with a couple of crunch candy eyeballs). Huge thanks to everyone who came to the party, and enormous thanks to everyone who made or brought spooky treats!


  1. Thank you for inviting us to your Halloween party Denise! Andy, Michelle and I had a great time, your eyeball decor was fabulous!!!

  2. Terri, it was a pleasure meeting all of you and having you over! I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves. Let's get together again soon!