Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Royal Icing Alpine Forget-Me-Nots

Alpine forget-me-nots are particularly noteworthy because 1) they're one of the only true blue flowers found in nature, and 2) they're the state flower of Alaska. All you need to pipe them is blue and yellow stiff consistency royal icing, petal tip #101, round tip #2, parchment paper squares, a glue stick, a flower nail (you'll be piping five petals so you might want to stick a template on the nail to keep them even), a Styrofoam brick to rest the nail in, and a dusting pouch filled with a 50/50 blend of powdered sugar and cornstarch. Start by sticking a parchment square to the nail with a dab from the glue stick. 
 Pipe the first petal with the #101 tip. Hold the tip almost flat against the surface with the wide side in the center and the narrow side facing outward. Move the tip in an upside-down "U" formation as you pipe; allow the icing to go just outside of the first circle on the template (the forget-me-not is on the small side).
 Repeat for a total of five petals.
 Allow the petals to firm up for a few minutes, then pipe a ring of yellow dots with the #2 tip in the middle.
 Flatten the dots slightly with a fingertip after touching it to the dusting pouch. Use clusters of Alpine forget-me-nots to decorate any Alaska-themed dessert (even a baked Alaska!) or treats for a shower for a baby boy.

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