Sunday, February 12, 2012

Music Notes, Pearls & Glitter

I made a batch of cupcakes for the opening night gala of the musical "The Marvelous Wonderettes" at Coastal Rep in Half Moon Bay. I was in the midst of several other projects, but didn't want to just send cupcakes out the door bearing nothing more than a spiral of frosting piped with a Wilton tip #1M. I had some pink fondant left over from making that big pink bow, so I rolled it out and cut out a bunch of little music notes with a cookie cutter I normally only think about when there's a small amount of dough left in between large Christmas cookies. Here the notes are, drying on a piece of parchment paper spread over a baking rack (there's a bit of powdered sugar still clinging to them; any that didn't get absorbed was brushed off easily when the pieces were dry):
I reached for a couple of items that automatically glitz up any project; Disco Dust, and 4mm sugar pearls (which are especially appropriate, because the ladies in the show all have pearl necklaces on in the publicity shot; the cupcake papers approximate the colors of their dresses, as does the frosting).
Disco Dust is unbelievably easy to apply; I'm assuming it has something to do with static electricity. All you need to do is touch your finger to it, then touch whatever surface you want to apply it to. I'm sure you could get more precise by using a brush, but it tends to go everywhere, no matter what. Here are the music notes after being dusted:
And here they are awaiting demolishment at the gala. 
Here's a shot of those aforementioned Wonderettes…you can see how they inspired the cupcakes, right?

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