Monday, December 24, 2012

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

 MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE! Tonight's post is quick and easy; as you can imagine I'm writing this while cooking, baking, finishing wrapping, etc. (and trying to keep the cat out of the milk for Santa). To pipe a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree, tape a piece of parchment to a cookie sheet.
 Load a #8 round tip to a bag of stiff consistency brown icing. Pipe a candy-cane shaped line of icing.
 Pipe a few more branches; no more than 4 or so.
 They can vary, of course.
 Pipe clusters of #3 round tip short lines for bristles at the ends of the branches.
 Lastly, pipe a ball for a red ornament with a #8 round tip. Allow your trees to dry, then slide them off the parchment paper and plant them in cupcakes topped with a swirl of blue buttercream to represent Linus' blanket. Merry Christmas!

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